Mole Removal Is Easier Than You Think – DIY

An inordinately high concentration of pigments on one particular spot of the skin leads to the development of moles. The concentration of pigments makes the mole darker than the surrounding areas of the skin. Moles are largely harmless and one may just leave them alone. However, if they appear on your face, you will find them undesirable. Consequently, you need to be armed with a few do it yourself mole removal tips.

Citric acid from natural products

Any acid can dissolve a mole and make it disappear. However, commercial acids can have a harmful effect on the area surrounding the mole. Therefore, you need an acid that is strong enough to act on the mole but gentle enough not to hurt your skin. This should set you on the path to citric acid fruits. You won’t have to look far since a pineapple can do the job well. Cut the pineapple into pieces and pick one the size of the mole. Place it over the mole and hold it in place for several hours.

Mole removal cream for all skin types

This is a safe alternative to cosmetic version of mole removal. A natural product that gives a guarantee for safe removal needs to be implemented. Homoeopathic version of mole removal cream does a good job on all kinds of skin types.

Before going to bed

It would be useless going to bed with a piece of pineapple in your face. Moreover, it is unlikely to stay in place as you roll in slumber land. Instead, squeeze a little juice from the pineapple and apply it on the mole. Go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, rinse off the juice using warm water. This is one of the cheapest [do it yourself mole removal tips] if sustained for several weeks.

Shaving the mole off

This is a little creepy. If you have the guts, you can as well cut off the mole from the surface of your skin. Use a sterilised blade. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to the resulting wound. A lot of care is needed to avoid excessive bleeding or widening of the wound. Nevertheless, shaving off can only work with moles that are raised above the skin. This is a risky and very dangerous venture. I wouldn’t recommend it. If a mole is to be shaved off, let it be clinical.

Consult a dermatologist

This is one of the most fail-safe [do it yourself mole removal tips]. A dermatologist is a specialist of skin conditions. They will tell whether it is cancerous or not. They will then prescribe the most effective method of mole removal. See a dermatologist before you commence any treatment for moles.